Dettol Hygiene Olympiad

An Olympiad is a positive and motivating way to bring about a change. Olympiads motivate students to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills while highlighting areas where they need additional orientation and guidance. With this Olympiad, we can identify Hygiene gaps in children from across India and our purpose programs can be oriented and improved towards filling these gaps that the examination results bring out.

It will also help us in identifying Hygiene Champions who can subsequently be advocates for highlighting benefits of good hygiene in the school and district. Dettol will be giving a platform to these champions to address topics like reduction in school absenteeism, reduction in illnesses and living in a happier and healthier home which makes them lead better lives.

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The launch of Dettol Hygiene Olympiad is a step towards addressing the paradigm shift that sees hygiene and health overlapping in more ways than one, building an ecosystem under Reckitt that allows children to become 'Hygiene Leaders' of tomorrow.
Senior Vice President, Reckitt South Asia
Today's world needs to be more precautionary when it comes to health & hygiene. Educating students about the importance of Hygiene will help them stay ahead of the curve and protect themselves and their surroundings.
Director, Indian Talent Olympiad
The pandemic has hit the world and impacted the health of the community on a greater scale. Practising the customary routine of hygiene and sanitation is a must to break the chain and transmission of diseases.
Director, Indian Talent Olympiad

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dettol Hygiene Olympiad has been launched to educate children in India on following superior Hygiene practices, and to identify 'Hygiene Champions' who can become change agents and advocates for highlighting the benefits of good hygiene. Dettol will be giving a platform to these 'Hygiene Champions' to address topics like reduction in school absenteeism, reduction in illnesses and living in a happier and healthier home which makes them lead better and more fulfilling lives.

NDTV and Dettol have been working towards a clean and healthy India since 2014. The programme since its launch has done work across India focusing on Health, Hygiene, Sanitation and the environment. The Programme's vision is- Swasth Bharat, Sampann Bharat. Dettol Banega Swasth India since its launch in 2014 has reached out to over 237 million people across the country. You can read more about the initiative at

Students from Class 1 to Class 10 can paticipate in the Dettol Hygiene Olympiad.

Students can give the Olympiad exam on the ITO App ( Click Here to Download ) by following the steps below
  • Log in to the application with the credentials provided by Indian Talent Olympiad
  • Access the reading material to prepare
  • On the day of the exam, log in and give the exam

Please click on the below link to know more about the Hygiene Olympiad curriculum and sample questions. Dettol Hygiene Olympiad

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