The Dettol Hygiene Olympiad has been launched to educate children in India on following superior Hygiene practices, and to identify 'Hygiene Champions' who can become change agents and advocates for highlighting the benefits of good hygiene. Dettol will be giving a platform to these 'Hygiene Champions' to address topics like reduction in school absenteeism, reduction in illnesses and living in a happier and healthier home which makes them lead better and more fulfilling lives.

NDTV and Dettol have been working towards a clean and healthy India since 2014. The programme since its launch has done work across India focusing on Health, Hygiene, Sanitation and the environment. The Programme’s vision is- Swasth Bharat, Sampann Bharat. Dettol Banega Swasth India since its launch in 2014 has reached out to over 237 million people across the country. You can read more about the initiative at

Students from Class 1 to Class 10 can paticipate in the Dettol Hygiene Olympiad.

Students can give the Olympiad exam on the Indian Talent Olympiad by following the steps below
  • Log in to the application with the credentials provided by Indian Talent Olympiad
  • Access the reading material to prepare
  • On the day of the exam, log in and give the exam

Please click on the below link to know more about the Hygiene Olympiad curriculum and sample questions.

Dettol Hygiene Olympiad

The Olympiad will be conducted in 2 modes - Online and Offline. The ranking system is different for the two modes.

The Olympiad will consist of Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on the topics mentioned above. Students of Class 1 to 4 will have 35 questions and Class 5 to 10 will have 50 questions to answer.

Students can register for Dettol Hygiene Olympiad by clicking on the Register Now button.


Students who meet one of the two criteria below will be eligible for winning National Ranks. Top 20% of the participating students will be considered for ranking. Time taken to complete the exam will be recorded by the system and the submission in shortest time frame will be considered. If in case of tie the following criteria will be checked before allotting ranks–

  • Number of attended questions
  • Number of incorrect and correct questions
  • Negative marking (0.25) will be deducted
  • First attempt submission will be given priority
  • Images captured during exam
  • The Olympiad organizer provides few questions with internal marking ratios that will be used during evaluation for difficult ties.

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Students who meet one of the two requirements below will be eligible for winning National Ranks. Class-wise for top 20% of students’, due priority to marks scored in exam will be given. If in case of tie the following criteria will be checked –

  • Student’s grade/percentage in previous class
  • Number of correct and wrong answers
  • Negative marks for wrong answers
  • Neatness marks can be added
  • If two or more students receive the same grade in any of the following categories, the grades assigned to the questions with internal marking ratios will be added together.
  • If two or more students receive identical scores across all sections, they will be given the same rank and the scholarship money will be divided among them.

One can find the syllabus for the Dettol Hygiene Olympiad at DHO syllabus .

Sample Questions are available for the Dettol Hygiene Olympiad at Sample Questions.

The Dettol Hygiene Olympiad is scheduled on 17th September 2022.

Results for Dettol Hygiene Olympiad will be declared on the ITO App and website, and on the NDTV Swachh Bharat website on 23 September 2022.

An Olympiad is a positive and motivating way to bring about a change. Olympiads motivate students to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills while highlighting areas where they need additional orientation and guidance. With the Dettol Hygiene Olympiad, we aim to contribute in nation building towards a Swachh and Swasth Bharat. The students participating in the olympiad are the leaders of the future, who will have better prospects, by contributing towards the Jan Andolan for a Swachh Bharat.

The top 20% scorers in each school of the Dettol Hygiene Olympiad will be given certificates of merit. For each level, the top 3 students at the national level will be awarded scholarships as follows.

  • First Rank - INR 50,000 + Certificate of Merit
  • Second rank - INR 25,000 + Certificate of Merit
  • Third rank - INR 15,000 + Certificate of Merit
National level winners will also get a chance to feature on the NDTV Dettol Banega Swasth India programme on October 2nd 2022